You Think You Are Saving Money Renting DVD Movies from a Machine?

There are only so many TV channels out there. How many of them do you actually watch on a regular basis? Figuring this out can really help you save a bundle of money on your monthly television entertainment bill. Also, what about renting movies? Do you go to those machines that cost you two bucks or less to rent a DVD? If so, have you considered how much gas it costs you to make returns the next day? Thinking about stuff like that got me to go to and to sit down with pen and paper and figure out costs.

We let a lot of stuff like this go thinking it does not add up to much money. Well, it does. The rental machines for DVDs are cheap to rent movies. However, if it costs you five bucks to take it back the next day, what did you save over just ordering an On Demand movie? This got me wanting a nice selection of pay-per-view or On-Demand on the receiver box. However, our cable company does not have a whole lot available. I checked out a satellite receiver box in a store and it is loaded with a whole lot of PPV movies and shows and all kinds of stuff.

Switching to satellite made it easy to watch any of that content on any of our televisions in the house too. It was easy to start watching in one room and pick it up where you left off in another room. This is great for retiring to the bedroom from watching a movie in the living room. I also got a better deal on the channel package from the satellite provider. They had more of the channels I actually like to watch in a lower cost package than what my cable company was offering.

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