Working on the Wedding Plans

My boss is pretty much decided that I get to deal with all of the fun stuff when it comes to his wedding. He even hired a couple of temp workers to handle stuff that I am supposed to do and will not have the time for. It is a simple problem for him. He does not have the time and he does not want to do it, so I have to figure out all of the details and make sure that the wife to be is happy. I already found a florist in singapore and a catering company at the same location. They decorate the wedding cakes quite nicely and a friend of mine told me about how happy she was with what they did for her when she got married last spring. It is not as though I have to worry about that I think, because it is all a matter of them deciding on what they want now. You just have to come up with a budget and then decide what it is that you can afford with that budget.

The wedding venue is what I am working on now. It is obviously going to need to be a hotel with a large ballroom and it will probably need to have a good kitchen staff. The bride is in that sort of work and she will expect top notch service from the people who are taking care of things there. It is not going to be easy to make her happy, but of course I think the idea is that whatever happens she will be mad at me if things are not perfect and thus I am going to be like a heat shield for the boss’ rear parts. That is not much different than the usual.

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