Working on the House This Weekend

I spent the day trying to do some ac repair in essex county nj. Of course what I can do is not more than a temporary solution and it is not as though I am going to be able to fix it so that it will not need to be fixed again. In truth the whole system is in need of replacement replacement it seems to me. In fact I am going to see what they will charge me to do that when I call the guy I need to put the freon in. Right now I am trying to fix it so that there is air in one of the bedrooms. I can not really figure out why it does not go in there. The vents go in there, although it is that flexible stuff and the thought is that is crinkling up and that is not allowing the air to pass through the way that it is supposed to. The truth is that I am not sure of what I am doing, but I figure that I need to fix it if I am able.

Of course the whole system is probably on it’s last legs in the final analysis. From what I can figure it was probably installed around 1977 and that means that it’s between 35 and 40 years old. The systems just do not work the way they are supposed to after a certain amount of time. They only have so many summers in them and at some point they are not really worth saving. In fact I would guess that the operating cost for this thing is a good deal more than it is on new system. They just are not very efficient and as they get older, then they get even less efficient.

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