Why I Am Spoiled by Cyber Monday

I cannot wait to find out what the best Cyber Monday deals in 2015 are going to be! I used to be a Black Friday shopaholic, but I think Cyber Monday has finally won me completely over. I am not getting any younger, which means I have less patience for the antics of the crowds on Black Friday. That is especially true when I can sleep in on Monday and still get some pretty fantastic sales from the comfort of my own living room. I found a site last year that helped convince me that this was the best way to handle the introduction of the Christmas shopping season.

It is a site that has a lot of great shopping tips on it as well as a listing of all the deals as soon as they become available. Having everything in one spot like this comes in so handy. It saves me a lot of time so I don’t have to go to each store’s website to find out what their sales on Cyber Monday will be. For Black Friday, I just waited until all the sales ads came in the newspaper, so this is the equivalent of that.

I don’t even have to go to the website when I think that the sales ads will be there showing all of the Cyber Monday discounts. I was able to sign up for email alerts, so they will actually let me know when something has been added to their site. This means that I will never miss a great sale since they are on top of it like they are. I am so thankful that there are people who have put together a site like this, because it definitely makes my life much easier now. Bring on Cyber Monday because I am definitely ready now.

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