What You Need to Know About Expedited Freight Services

Whenever you have urgent freight shipments that require direct shipping to their destination, then you need expedited freight services along with a logistics supplier where you have the utmost confidence. After all, you need a logistics partner you can count on to match your loads to equipment to satisfy your time-critical shipping needs and the carrier. You cannot afford flaws or mistakes. For more information about air freight service, you may go through www.amaccustoms.com.au/air-freight.

 What You Need to Know About Expedited Freight Services

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There are four categories of cargo:

Expedited LTL or Less-than-Truckload – Much like standard LTL service, expedited LTL shipments typically weigh between 100 and 10,000 pounds. Without being routed through one or more facilities your freight is delivered directly to its destination. This reduces the risk of damage and results in faster delivery times.

Choices for Expedited LTL may include nationwide, regional and local service with delivery deadlines varying from 3rd day, 2nd day, day and 3 – to 5-day shipping. Availability of even, 2nd day or day 3rd-day service may be restricted depending on the distance to nationwide and regional service.

Expedited TL or Truckload – TL shipments typically weigh about 10,000 pounds. This category may include everything to temperature transportation, bulk direction, and freight containers. Choices for Expedited TL comprise 53-foot or 48-foot vans, flatbeds, refrigerated, teams, aviation, and chassis.

Air Charter or Jet Service – For extremely time-sensitive shipments, air might be your best and/or only alternative. An operations representative that is the expert should work to match the air cargo option that is suitable whether you're shipping freight containers or one package.

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