What Are Some Plumbing Tips I Can Use

Although many individuals do not participate in plumbing activities themselves, there are a few plumbing tips that every individual owning or living in a home should have. Important plumbing tip(s) come in handy during desperate times where the professional plumber you’re used to, is not available due to some unavoidable circumstances. Although most plumbing work will not require a trained plumber, many individuals will not even harbor the thought of undertaking simple plumbing work. As many consider it a dirty-to-do work, the tips below might just be what you need to reduce the numerous calls you make to your plumber, or furthermore help you in cutting your household costs/expenses that emanate from plumbing activities. Different areas in a home, such as toilets, require different expertise and here are just a few of the best three plumbing tips to use in some plumbing areas. They include, among others, the following in relation to the different areas involved:
Leaking faucets and sinks

• Faucet aerators should always be cleaned once a year to ensure there is smooth water flow.

• The overflow holes on vanities and bathtubs should be cleared regularly and opened to prevent ceiling’s and floor’s damage.

• Repair and seal any leaking faucet to remove dampness as well as save the cost of water.

• Ensure no rinsing of cooked fats or oils that may drain down the kitchen sink. This will prevent any clogs from forming when the liquid fat/oil solidifies due to coldness in the pipes.

• On a drain that is fully clogged, ensure you do not apply caustic liquid since they will get trapped and damage the pipes.

• Soap chips, hair and other undesired matter will be trapped by shower drains and fitting tubs. Another important plumbing tip to consider is to ensure the strainer is thoroughly cleaned.
Garbage disposal

• Ensure the garbage disposal is not overloaded by removing garbage regularly.

• When running the garbage, ensure cold water is used and not hot water.

• Matter that has large volumes and sizes such as bones, shells and husks should not be disposed, since they may cause the disposal to block.

Water heater

• The water heater burner should be inspected occasionally to ensure proper working condition. If you come across a yellow soot or flame, seek a professional plumber to fix it.

• Ensure removal of sediment that builds up at the heater’s bottom through the action of draining water from the tank. This is to be done at least once in every three months.

• Read the water heater manual in case you want to repair any parts in it. Ensure that the power and the gas are cut off before doing any maintenance.

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