Went out the Other Night and Hurt My Back

I went out the other night and hurt my back, pretty badly too. It was not anything permanent and I felt like a darned fool after I had done. Of course I went out with one of my bigger clients and this guy is really big on partying. In fact he has all of the major vices and he left me in this nightclub with a lot of beautiful girls and a tab he had running. I ended upon looking for a doctor who did orthopaedic in singapore. Apparently these girls knew that all that they had to do was sit at that particular table and tell the waiter that it was on my friend’s tab, even though he was long gone with this beautiful girl. I was not in any hurry to walk away from the situation that I found myself in, especially considering what a very long and boring trip I had behind me and ahead of me. So I went and danced with any of those girls who wanted to dance and at some point I got tangled up with someone who was rather inebriated.

Of course these things happen on the dance floor, especially when it gets to be about three AM in the morning and people have been in the bottle for half of a day perhaps. It was nothing that should have harmed me in the least, especially considering that the guy was about half of my size. However he knocked me off of my balance and I awkwardly tried to catch myself. It was one of those things where you twist stuff in the wrong way and it hurts really bad. The problem was that it did not stop hurting and it got a lot worse after the effects of the beer wore off.

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