Well-known Prayers Found in the Bible

The well-known prayers found in the Bible are worthy of our close consideration. The Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, the Model Prayer, and John’s prayer at the completion of the Bible are among the most significant of these notable prayers. We require studying much from them about how we are to attract near to lord. You can also visit www.soundofheaven.church/ to know about church services.

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From the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ most famous sermon, Jesus gave the Model Prayer.  This might be the most well-known prayer whatsoever.  Even though it’s frequently known as the Lord’s Prayer, this designation isn’t the best since it’s not a listing of exactly what Jesus Himself prayed–it records he instructed His disciples to pray.

Jesus started the Model Prayer by controlling His disciples about the way they are supposed to pray.  He consequently directed them regarding the important components which ought to be component of the prayer life; however, he didn’t state they need to always say these specific same words.

The prayer pattern he gave has two chief segments inside.  After fixing God as our heavenly Father, the very initial section has three tasks that focus on the interests of God Himself:

Hallowed be Thy name

They will be completed over the earth, as it is in paradise

Thy kingdom come

The next section then includes three asks that more immediately concern us:

Provide us this day our daily bread.

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