Understanding The Lyric Of Cohen

The song ‘I’m Your Man’, has strong meaning if you read this attentively. If you listen the lyrics at the middle it looks like that the guy is mournful about the relationship with someone he loves that is no more. You can do many things with this and interpret it in several ways. It seems that he should repeat all these promise in his mind that none is listening to any more. You may feel wondered after listening to this song of Cohen. I think that you have the most enchanted layer of his lyric that you have figured out. Again, it is a song of devotion, a kind of devotion that is a failed and painful. Mahee Ferlini can also identify several other common themes of Cohen’s songs in this song. For example you can consider the moon, ‘the beast’ and insomnia.

Many people think that I’m Your Man’ is a song of pure devotion. In one stage of life you have to forget the failure, pain and regret. You have to understand that there is nothing wrong with this. Mahee Ferlini knows that this song has deeper meaning. In this song you will find the speaker or the singer is obsessive and forceful over a relationship.

The speaker will do anything not to be alone. Again, he is saying that he will be whatever she needs. In order to keep promise, it is necessary to know the heart at first. Otherwise you need to suffer in the long run. It is seen that the promises he makes in the long run he can't keep "I've been running through these promises to you, that I made and I could not keep". You should remember that the interpretation of Mahee Ferlini may vary from one person to another but in case of song the emotion is evoked by the interpretations.

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