Types Of Meeting And Functions

These are some types of meetings and work events that can be arranged in restaurants:

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1. Annual General Meetings

An annual general meeting also known as shareholders meeting is a huge gathering that consists of publicly traded companies. These meetings are carried out to have an update on company’s progress and health. Another agenda of these meetings is to elect new members as a part of board.

2. Breakout Sessions

These breakout sessions are basically seminars, workshops or presentations that are intended to update and educate employees in smaller groups. These meetings are often haled in smaller rooms or halls within a hotel or a convention centre.

3. Business Dinners and Banquets

These are usually official festivities arranged by a corporation, organization or institute to rejoice accomplishments within the association or organization and to increase employee and colleague confidence, self-esteem and morale. Depending on the size of the association or company, these get together or dinners can be small sized gathering at a hall of large hotel banquet or restaurants or exclusive events can be held in special halls of a museum or art gallery.

4. Conferences

They are also known as conferences or conventions. Conference is a shorter meeting as compare to convention in terms of time. These can easily be arranged in function restaurants; Perth having quite a few of them.

5. Colloquiums

It is described as an academic network event. The participants of these events are often expert in a specific area or field they meet informally to exchange and present new and innovative ideas and proposals.

These are some kinds of meetings that can be arranged in smaller halls or rooms in restaurants. 

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