Travel Tips to Northern Thailand

A lot of people inquire the length of time that they require from the North – my private answer is ‘it couldn’t be long enough! For individuals on tight traveling schedule, at least two days are required for the simple holiday of Chiang Mai.

Best Time to Visit?

Cold temperatures in Thailand are in November – February, which is the peak season for tourism here. Travelers like to emerge throughout those weeks since the temperatures are a bit cooler, so it is, in addition, the optimal/optimally weather for most hiking.  

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Amazing sights for Kids

Northern Thailand is a great vacation destination for children, actually that it includes something for all ages. Soft experience and outside tasks, animals and nature are certain to hold the youngsters amused whilst chances for ethnic investigation together because a family group is an improving experience for everybody.


Most important to midsize size cities within the North are closely joined by regional bus paths, therefore its potential to avoid by bus, yet to research outlying locations and little villages afterward you definitely will be needing your own personal transportation.


Northern Thailand delivers an incredible variety of lodges and guest houses from funding backpacker to five-star boutique motels. If coming in the off-season then it isn’t necessary t reserve ahead, though you can get far better prices if you reserve on line.

Northern Thailand has really amazing places to visit. This could be the best foreign trip at a very affordable budget.

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