Traditional Methods of Latent Fingerprint Recovery

Following are the  three popular techniques of fingerprint recovery:-

1.Powder Dusting: It is the most popular method of extracting fingerprints from crime scene. Powder dusting is a perfect example of physical technique of fingerprint extractions from a solid surface. Two types of powders are used for getting the fingerprints. One is regular powder that is used in the non-shining surfaces like table top, doors and television. Another is magnetic powder that is used in shiny surface like glass and plastic containers. Fingerprint powder is available in different colors. The choice of color depends on the color of the surface. You can get more information about fringerprint recovery online through website online.

2.Super-glue fuming: It is also known as super-glue fume technology. The principal theory of super-glue fuming technology is to apply Cyanoacrylate that reacts chemically with the organic constituent of the oil and sweat. Cyanoacrylate is a colorless chemical that is easily polymerized and used as powerful glue. The chemical is also known as super-glue. The super-glue and the suspect material are kept in an airtight container.

3.Iodine fuming: It is one of the oldest scientific method of latent fingerprint recovery. Though the process of latent fingerprint extraction of super-glue fuming and iodine fuming are almost similar, yet there is a basic difference between the two technologies. While the super-glue fuming technology depends on the chemical reaction of super-glue materials, the iodine fuming is based on the physical properties of iodine. In iodine fuming, the oils and fats absorbs the iodine vapor temporarily and that results the change of the color, from clear to dark brown.



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