Tips to Choose the Best Blush Color for your Skin Tone

Without a doubt, blushes are one of the most widely bought and used makeup products. Even those women who like to wear minimal makeup reach out for a nice blush on a daily basis. It helps bring back the color in your cheeks and makes you look fresh and radiant.


However, the wrong blush for your skin tone can do the exact opposite for you. So it is very important that you pick a blush that matches your skin tone. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best blush color for your skin tone:

  1. Try the blush on in natural light: Makeup store counters tend to have a lot of fluorescent lighting which distorts your skin tone and the blush color on it. So unless you’re ordering makeup online, walk out of the store and check whether the color suits you in daylight.
  2. Fair skin: Fair skinned women should pink light pink or rosy colors in blushes. Peach, which is a universally flattering shade, looks great on fair skin as well.
  3. Medium tone skin: Go for a peachy pink or medium pinks. A safer option would be to go for a blush color that is combination of pink and apricot.
  4. Dark tone skin: Since these women need more pigmented blushes for them to show up on their face, these women can go bold with their blush colors. They can choose anything from deep reds and berry shades to bright oranges.

So if you’re having trouble choosing the best blush for your skin tone, follow these tips and your problem will be solved!

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