The Importance of Discipline and Accountability for Security Guards

The most important duty of a security organization is to maintain their safety guards accountably and to continuously coach them. That role normally falls into the area managers, who must be randomly and often going to the post.

Many field managers see their duty as checking up on the shield. To an extent which is what they're doing, but it needs to be clear what that means and that the checking is just twenty percent of the job. It's crucial to maintain security guards accountable and disciplined.

If a field manager overlooks a violation of the uniform code that the guard won't just keep violating it but will attempt to extend the limit. Therefore, supervisors should admonish safeguard service for the smallest breach of the article orders and of the uniform code.

The Importance of Discipline and Accountability for Security Guards

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It won't simply send the message that the area manager is paying attention, but also that he won't tolerate the smallest breach. That behavior will produce discipline and accountability. Nevertheless, the obligation of the supervisor doesn't finish with admonishing guards about offenses.

There should be a continuous conversation. Field manager should ask about challenges guards are facing and he must lend his support and expertise. Field managers must also be in constant contact with the customer about the functioning of the guards. That way he can positively reinforce good behaviors and trainer on discipline difficulties.

Positive reinforcement is the most important part of coaching. It shows the employee that his positive behaviors are observed and valued. That way he'll continue the positive behaviors. Additionally, it will send the message that the manager isn't just focusing on negative behavior. 

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