The Healthy Capitalistic Consumerism in Texas

Choosing between the diverse selection of energy companies that our amazing state has can be quite the conundrum. With everything first First Choice Power to reliant energy in ennis, it’s hard to make a decision like that. For a new comer to the area it can be an overwhelming experience since they may not have had so many different choices for them. The first question that always come to their mind is, ‘What’s the difference?” and the answer to that is pretty simple enough; not much! Some focus on newer programs and technology which is incorporating renewable energy into the grid and a ‘Pay it Forward’ sort of deal which allows you to harvest energy by either building solar panels on your property or choosing to invest in a ‘green plot’ of energy which in turn gives you a discount every month on your bill. The others that are lacking this might be your more traditional energy providers while some focus on natural gas and others on coal.

If there is one thing to be thankful about, it’s the pricing competition that exists between them all. You can score yourself some pretty sweet deals if you call the billing department and tell them that another service provider is offering the same sort of program that you’re currently enrolled in only they are offering a 10% credit to monthly bills rather than 5%; more often than not, you’ll find that they are more than happy to negotiate with you! When observing how business is exercised between these entities who are all seeking to provide much of the same utility service to residents, it makes me think that this is truly Capitalism in motion. A healthy Capitalism of business that encourages innovation and growth while allowing for fair pricing competition to exist between them for their customers.

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