The Harmful Ingredients in Regular Foundations

In ancient times, the desire for increased beauty was fulfilled by natural stuff. After the industrial revolution, however, the entire situation changed. Artificial products containing chemicals that produced quicker and more amplified effects were brought to use. Nowadays, the trend is again shifting towards mineral makeup made out of purely natural ingredients. Mineral foundations are easily available at mineral makeup Australia stores by companies like ECO Minerals. They do not have the dangerous materials that are present in regular foundations.


The Harmful Ingredients

As mineral makeup is made up of natural items, it is obvious that it has minimal harmful effects. Such makeup items are provided to customers by major stores. Some of the unsafe ingredients present in regular foundations are:

  • Talc, having chemical name hydrous magnesium silicate is used in foundations due to its low cost and good absorbing quality. It is shown by several studies that talc can be toxic and even cancerous.
  • Mineral oil. It is a mixture of some hydrocarbons. As it makes the skin smooth, it is often used in regular foundations. However, this look comes with a cost. Mineral oil causes a number of skin problems as it reduces the supply of oxygen to it. Also, it can cause respiratory and immune disorders.
  • Synthetic fragrances. The problem lies in the fact that these fragrances are made up of around 200 chemicals. It is obvious that these are not mentioned on the container of the foundation. This increases chances of allergic reactions such as rashes.

Natural ingredients make mineral makeup a less dangerous product than artificial makeup as these do not have the side effects that artificial chemicals possess.


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