The Advantages Of Recording Family Life Stories

People always want there to be records of their histories, especially in relation to their families. There are records like these that date back centuries or even millennia, depending on where and when a clan was first established. Some of the oldest of these clans are also often the wealthiest on earth because of the time they may have spent accumulating wealth.

Some clans have since died out, often through wars and the dissolution of empires, kingdoms, tribes and nations. There is always a premium for recording family life stories because no one really knows which direction history takes with regards to any one clan. Records are often all that are left of far off places and folks who once existed.

The most powerful empires have never been impervious to breaking up. In fact, as they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and most were based on warfare and conquest, something which often leads to annihilation or dying from their own methods. Families number among these, in fact are the backbone of these.

Through time, most records or stories may have come from members of certain important clans which were present in empires and states. These will form the basis of an overall view or generalized account for later years or generations. But sometimes families may simply change their names or marry into other lines and get integrated into these.

Names are not that important in time, because most of the important personages in history took up their own new names and left the old ones behind. But a family saga or history is often part of tradition, something cherished by societies. This usually works for more civilized of societies, those which are governed by law and order.

There have been many warlike tribes who simply left no trace of themselves except in fallen monuments and structures. They might have had time to create their own alphabets and numbers, and these will be the base on which history is known. There have also been shamans and poets who memorized the facts and made oral histories out of these.

Some of the most vital became known as the ancient classics, those epic poems that narrated the beginning of one family which later branched out and became numerous. In time, these became nations and kingdoms, some have fallen by the wayside but many more have continued to exist. The timelines though have been fractured by warfare, when folks simply thought it best to change things by taking up arms.

Some lost their records because of these, and there is always a premium for the winning side to burn the records of their conquered enemies. These enemies can change their names and in time grow numerous again, and avenging themselves by destroying their former conquerors. But the most popular life stories could often survive.

These have become incorporated even into the Bible, where there are a lot of important personalities whose lives became eternal lessons for mankind. Thus any life is important, but there is a general process here, too. For families, it may only be a matter of recording the most important milestones for any one person to make a complete story.

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