Take Control of Your Home Heating Oil Costs This Winter

If your home uses heating or fuels oil as a main heating energy source, you will no doubt be struggling with the enormous upsurges in costs that are heading your way.

Heating oil, like gasoline, is tied very closely together in price and we all know what the price of gas has done over the last few years. The best way to help insulate yourself from monetary ruin due to absurdly high home heating bills this winter is to insulate your home instead. You can navigate to http://alcusfuel.com/oil-burner-service-contract/ to know about the use of home heating oil.

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Imagine leaving a window open all winter long. The heat loss, cold drafts, and wasted energy would drive everybody crazy. If however you add up all the places where drafts and energy leaks happen in your home, it would perhaps be equal to leaving a window open all winter long.

The reason why you don't feel it so much is that instead of a large hole like an open window, you have a big number of very small leaks. This is similar to having every faucet in your home dripping in relation to simply running the bathtub all the time. The result is the same. 

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