Some Trends In Web Design To Know About

The last two years have seen a rise in smartphones and other devices. Not surprising, but with the rise there has been some innovations and trends regarding web site designs that are worth knowing. Some of them are listed below.


  1. The hamburger menu: All of us have encountered these before. Clicking on a small icon of three bars opens up a menu that has all the main links. This is useful in saving space. It is well known so there is a lesser chance of confusing a new user.
  2. Card layout: this uses small cards of varying lengths and widths across the page. There is no space left on the site’s page but the user knows which is the most important by how big the card’s size is.
  3.  Loading animations: Designed to entertain users in the otherwise boring task of waiting for the page to load.
  4. Hero size images: Nowadays due to 3G and 4G technology, loading a page is not a problem. So web designers in Sydney and everywhere else have taken to inserting HD images related to the site to gain attention.
  5. Motion animation: Perhaps not as used in mobile sites as on desktop sites, this trend is also gaining popularity because it shows the same product from various angles in an entertaining way.

It should be noticed that one should know about the trends in web design business. But it is not expected that designers should use all of them, because it would make the site look messy and cluttered.

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Importance Of Web Designing

21st century has introduced the world to several booming website trends. The business of web designing and developing has increased many folds and thus the need of it. A website is a platform where you showcase the services you provide. Having a website for your business is an efficient way of accomplishing tasks such as marketing or E-commerce. There are numerous companies like Dank Designs which can help you with website design Sydney.  Few of its benefits are mentioned below.


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A major advantage of a website is that it’s a bridge between you and your costumers. People who cannot reach you in person can also utilize your services. You can fully brand your services. It’s free of cost and is hassle free, especially if you have an expert helping you out. Most importantly, anyone in any part of the world is able to access it. Websites are the replacements of pamphlets, radio broadcasts or television adverts. One of the most effective benefits is that it’s not that pricy and can be easily afforded.

  • Communication

It’s very helpful if you’re using it to enhance your business market. Website is also a communication between you and the costumers, they can reach you instantly. Customers can interact with other costumers also. Your website defines all the basic things such as the kind of services you provide, your contact details, your office hours and your location. It strengthens your communication with your costumers.

If you want to strengthen your business identity, you should get a website created for your business.

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