How Waze Offline Maps are better than others ?

The Offline Maps are getting popular now more than ever before. It can be of great help to the users while they are traveling through areas with no network coverages in their phones. The Waze Offline Maps are the most popular and widely used ones among them. It is because of the presence of a unique feature in this application. The other offline maps require the users to manually download the route between the locations that they want to check in future. But Waze Navigation app does this automatically for its users. For example, whenever a user searches the route between two locations through the Waze app, the route will get saved in the app cache. This route will remain there until you clear the cache. So, in future, you will be able to check this route even if you are not connected to a network.

Apart from the immediate support that the Waze can provide you with in tough situations, it can perform even as a mobile data saving option. This is because a route which is already saved on your device does not require the usage of mobile data if the user searches for the route again. There are also some users who don't like this feature of the Waze. For those people, the app has also included the option to disable the offline feature. Even if the Waze app performs well as a navigation app without this feature, it is always good to keep the offline feature on. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy the major benefit of using the Waze Navigation Application. Unfortunately, the Waze Offline Map option is now available only for the Android users. So, the iPhone users should wait for this feature to be included in the version of this app for iOS.  

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