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Volunteering in Africa

Volunteering calls on us to freely offer our services for the good will of a certain course. One may be interested in health, environment, sanitation, education, poverty eradication or even childcare. To interested parties wishing to gain some experiences for free, they may opt to volunteer in such areas. One reason for volunteering may be that one wants to make a difference by contributing towards the good will of humanity. The local community will always remember that guy or that lady who came out of his/her comfort zone and brought change through volunteering for a certain good course that uplifted them for the better.

Africa as a continent is termed as being backwards when compared to the rest of the continents of the world. In order for it to be termed as developed, the countries need to improve in areas such as health, education and the economy by ensuring they are at par with that of the developed nations. The developed nations through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have a way of helping the developing and underdeveloped nations through provision of development loans and grants. Such loans and grants are meant to oversee development of infrastructure, improvement of health and education status of the African nations so that they be at par with the developed nations.

Besides issue of development loans and grants, World Bank and IMF develop fiscal, economic and monetary policies that favor development projects in Africa. Moreover, certain not for profit organizations found in these developed nations offer to develop volunteer programs that are customized to meet the needs of the African people in the least developed countries. Areas that have seen massive volunteer organizations come forth to offer assistance include: health, education, childcare and even poverty eradication.

For an individual or student considering a career in medicine, the first important step to take even before going to school is enrolling for an overseas hospital volunteer program. The enrollment will allow the individual and prospective student to gain first-hand experience in field of healthcare. The program is designed in such a way that by the end of the volunteer exercise, the individual will have gained an understanding of the work and responsibilities required of a healthcare provider. The number of work hours in a week enables the volunteers to experience how it feels working in a hospital.

It is worth noting that the overseas hospital volunteer programs offers such not – for – profit organizations to get a feedback concerning issues such as levels of poverty per household. Volunteers with an interest in poverty eradication may along their line of duty gather important data which may later be analyzed by statisticians abroad and help determine which areas need additional funding. The poverty eradication volunteer Africa programs are made in such a way that the local communities are empowered economically to be self-sustainable by the end of the volunteer experience. The volunteer is also able to sharpen his/her professional skills by applying the skills taught in the classroom.

Taking the example of Volunteer Africa- an organization based in Tanzania – that gives a chance to volunteers who may be students, teachers on vacation or even individuals taking a career break to volunteer in areas such as education, health and sanitation. In the area of education, the organization identifies a community set up which is lagging behind in terms of education. It then sets up classrooms using the donations they receive from well-wishers. The classrooms are then equipped with teachers who help the children of the local community learn the basic arithmetic and languages is necessary for communication. The volunteer Africa in the education sector are then able to gain the necessary skills needed in the teaching profession. Furthermore, the level of education in the remote and somewhat marginalized areas is improved courtesy of the volunteering program.

Volunteering in Africa truly provides individuals with a chance to gain and also put into practice the necessary skills in areas such as health, education, sanitation, environment and economic empowerment. Such areas if improved will make African countries be at par with the developed nations. With development comes advantages such as self-sustenance. Therefore, African countries shall cease relying on loans, grants and donor aids from developed nations.

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