Pheromones or Clubbing

I became a big-time clubber in my 20’s and stepped it up from the apple Hooch drinking, meat-market student parties transforming into 24-hour house music raves on the weekends. I was big on using pheromones to attract women. Our tribe of hedonistic adventurers would start off on a Saturday evening and 3 or 4 after parties later would finish Monday morning—with no sleep and no food in-between. It became a religious act that whilst buzzing my tits off, to be sick on the dance floor. It became a running joke. 
We knew that androstenone pheromones would make women more attractive. Much like Doc from Back to the Future, when he slips and bashes his head on the bathroom sink to reveal the idea for the flux capacitor, I’m now hunched over my carroty celebration one night and it hits me; I’ll create the sickest party in town, with the sickest music, the sickest atmosphere. 
It would be called “Sick on the Dancefloor.” Because I was very much in the jugular vein of the London underground clubbing scene, I knew the sound people wanted to hear on a night out. The current scene was good, but they failed to keep the dirty, grimy electro sound throughout the night. I knew the atmosphere people wanted— relentless hands in the air music.  Learn more at and
Pheromones were meant for men and women
They wanted killers, not fillers. And in 2006 I launched a trial night: an after after party for all those zombified clubbers who wanted something more, when everything else had finished by midday on Sunday. So, on Mother’s Day 2006 at 2pm in the afternoon in a gay bar in the suburbs of London, I gave an ecstasy pill and a bottle of water to everyone who ghosted in with true pheromones. Learn more at 
Although only 30 or so people turned up, it had a great house party feel and everyone was bouncing off the walls by the end of it. At the next party, 80 people turned up. The next, 200. By then I had to move to bigger venues in the centre of London. The party was now being talked about on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show and eventually, the event was pulling in 2000+ people at some of London’s biggest venues. Hosting on the night, swimming in-between the sea of clubbers, checking-in on the front of house, the DJ’s, the sound engineers, the security… I’d greet the clubbers, share a joke or two, enjoy the odd kiss with a girl, then have to dash off and continue the night. I was hooking up with girls, but they weren’t the main priority, the night was. And I was there to make sure it all ran perfectly. The girls, like I mentioned at the start of this book, were simply a bonus. Whilst running my event, I attended university in the north of England to do an art and design degree, and I would travel back every month at the weekends to run the club event. After resisting any kind of monogamy up to this point (I tended to get bored very quickly) I found my first love. She was the snow-white type. And as she entered the room, little bluebirds would chirp around her. It was a sort of schmoopy-poopy love, where we skipped down the road together and held each other’s hands so tight that our knuckles went white. We couldn’t even bare sitting opposite each other in restaurants as it was too far away. So we pretty much sat on each other’s laps. Yep, we were that couple who enjoyed using natural pheromones.

Don’t Control Pheromones

If you don’t control human pheromones first, then you will forever be at the mercy of other people who are constantly looking for what you need externally instead of internally. We live in a society that offers all kinds of crutches – experts, gurus, drugs, instant gratification of technology, entertainment, or video games, pornography, junk food, it’s all available with pheromones online. 
 In order to do this, you must first own your time which is a critical factor in our lives and the most precious thing we have. You must not be afraid of your individuality. You must not be fearful of becoming your authentic self. Give yourself what it needs to shine and grow. The key to doing this is to care less and less of what other people think of your pheromones as natural. 
This has been the path of all great leaders, entrepreneurs, and musicians. People, especially women, cannot help but respond to your self- mastery because you stand out in a world that is mostly fake. You have to admit you are on your own, learn to make your decisions for yourself, take your own actions, trust your intuition, and just go for what you truly want in life with sex pheromones.  There is no wrong, there is only you sharing your unique thoughts and ideas with another person. Attraction is simply a foregone conclusion. What would you like to do next with this woman, it’s your call?
You’re searching for pleasure, instant gratification of pheromones, and trying to stay busy and pass the time because life is meaningless to you.  You won’t procrastinate on the things that bring you closer to your life’s work. You won’t tolerate second class behavior from others; it makes you less of a feather and turns you into a rock grounded in your purpose. A man with a purpose is Mount Everest and a man without a purpose is a leaf in the wind. Which one are you? What makes you come alive? “Alive” is Latin for breathe life into. What do you want to create? Who do you want to help? What problem in society would you like to solve? What are you willing to die for? If you’re not willing to die for anything, then how will you compete against someone who is? Learn more at and
The new question that arises will be, “Where has this been all my life?” Now, I have a scenario for you: What would you do if money was no object? If I gave you ten million dollars what would you do? Aside from partying or going on an exotic vacation, all things said and done, what would you do? How would you spend your time? If you continue to struggle with finding your purpose, perhaps it is to go on an adventure of pheromone production. Learn more at
Go out, explore, and try new things in the world until you find yourself lost in something that fulfills you. Years will go by and someone will ask you, “how’d you get so good at this?” You’ll stop and think to yourself, “Wow, I had no idea I had spent so much time on fill-in-the- blank activity.” You cannot find your purpose by researching it online. You only discover it by experiencing it in the real world with natural pheromone production.

Masculin Pheromones

You will discover what real feminine pheromone essence is really about and how it came about. (Even most experts on this topic get this wrong a lot, so you really have to be careful who you listen to) So at the end of this module, there are some exercises to tap into your own infinite source of femininity and as a result, you will automatically bring masculine and caring men into your life and have that attraction that you desire in your life. 
So, don’t wait, learn to understand men and learn to become more feminine now with this volume of Attraction Control Monthly, and keep yourself subscribed for the advanced dating and relationship coaching available. If Men and W omen were the Same… Think about this for a minute: you’re out on a date with a nice man. You’ve been on a few dates with him before in recent weeks, and you’ve had dinner, you’ve gone to the movies, you’ve seen an art show and you’ve been to a comedy festival. And you’re out with him this one afternoon, and you don’t have much planned. So you say to him: “So what do you want to do?” And he replies: “I dunno, what do YOU want to do with natural pheromones?”  Learn more about pheromones at  and
And this is not the first time he’s said this. You’ve decided on what you’re going to do for most of your outings in the recent weeks. How does him saying this make you feel? Pretty crap, right? It would be the same for most women. It’s not only annoying – but if you dig just a tad deeper inside yourself and ask yourself “why does this bother me?”…’d get a clear answer: “because I don’t feel safe.” Here’s another scenario: imagine you and your man are having a fight. And you don’t want to fight anymore, and you’re getting really pissed off at him, so you brush him off and walk off on him and head to another room in the house. And in response to you walking off…..he does either one of two things regarding human pheromones. Learn more at
Scenario 1) he says “fine, whatever”, waves his hand and goes and turns on the TV and watches the football. Scenario 2) he gets up from his seat, walks after you and behind you as you’re walking away, and says in a calm but strong tone of voice “don’t you walk away from me….come back here!” Which scenario would you prefer? Scenario 1 or scenario 2? Which scenario actually makes you FEEL better? If you’re anything like me, you prefer the second scenario. I don’t care how much us women walk around and say “no, I don’t want your attention! I don’t need you to follow me!” Inside, we STILL want a man to take the second action.  Now, why is this?
The Traits of Masculinity Remember, the hunter developed all these masculine qualities because he had to bring home the buffalo in order to survive. So here’s a list of characteristics of the masculine energy… Physical Energy  Strong physical presence and energy, centeredness and a sense of rigidity of human pheromones.

Dating With Pheromones

If you’re going to move from merely being acquaintances to your ex to being lovers again, you’re going to have to master three traits: Patience Emotional Discipline Abundance Mentality Be Patient If you try to hurry things up so that you can get back together with your ex before the school dance/you go on vacation/you attend a family wedding , 
you’ve got a hard road ahead. Forcing things to happen before you’re both ready will just cause your ex to feel like they have no choice but to either agree to get back together or cut contact with your pheromones. 
Unfortunately, the odds are on cutting contact. Everyone needs a different amount of time to come to terms with a breakup and why it happened. You have the benefit of this book, but your ex does not. Your ex may find themselves fighting a mess of conflicting emotions towards you. Be patient and respect their need to heal. Emotional Discipline I’ve talked before about the importance of not getting lost in fantasies of getting back together with your ex. These fantasies may feel good, but they’ll make you feel worse than ever using natural pheromones. 
Similarly, getting lost in your fears about never finding anyone again or being unable to keep a relationship won’t help you either. It’s much healthier (and more likely to help you win your ex back) to direct your emotions into more productive outlets. Exercise and art are two superb outlets for strong emotions. If you feel like you’re about to drown in your emotions, go for a run, write in a journal, or turn on uplifting music. Use the power of your mind to fill your imagination with positive scenarios that capitalize on your freedom and possibilities. When it comes to the people around you, allow them to help you enjoy life again. Your friends will want to support you through this difficult time, so let them invite you out and take you along to fun events with pheromones. 
Always remember: the happier you are with your life, the more your ex will want to be part of it again. Abundance Mentality Although you may feel that your ex is the only person in the world that you want to be with, having options is one of the best things you can do for yourself for natural pheromones. Learn more at and
The reason is simple. Focusing on abundance will attract more abundance into your life. Focusing on scarcity will just keep you feeling the pain of loss long past its use-by date. Even if you don’t believe it yet, do your best to act as if not getting back together with your ex isn’t the end of the world. Open your eyes to other attractive single members of the opposite sex. Allow yourself to notice other people who are interested in you and explore those possibilities. By telling yourself (and others) that there are other romantic possibilities out there, you show your ex that you’re not putting your life on hold just for them when pheromones enter the VNO. Learn more at
Don’t limit yourself to all-or-nothing thinking. Life will go on if you don’t get back together with your ex just yet. Remember that people can bump into one another again after years have passed and rekindle their romance, but this can only happen if you don’t burn your bridges. Hanging onto your ex will cause them to lose respect for you, so let them go and trust in the process. They will come back to you if it’s meant to be; there’s no question in my mind. But if you continue to push them away by staying emotionally invested in them and only them (remember the Push-Pull Theory of Attraction?), then you will have sabotaged your own chances at winning their love back, and that’s something you don’t want to do.

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