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Organic Mulberry Silk Sheets

Mulberry Park Silks Silk SheetsAll mulberry silk is organic and not manufactured like rayon, the worlds first synthetic silk sheets. Mulberry silk comes from a specific worm from China and is then fed only mulberry leaves. It produces the most uniform, longest, and best silk on the planet.

So, what other qualities does mulberry silk bring to the bedroom? Well, that depends on you doing your homework prior to buying. We will cover some of the basics so you don't end up being bitten by some of the few unscrupulous dealers on the market today selling sub-standard product at premium prices.

Mulberry silk, in fact all silk, is held to a weight standard. Momme is the unit of measurement of silk, kind of like thread counts for other fabrics. The best momme for mulberry silk sheets are from 18 to 25 mm (momme). The fibers are longer, the silk more uniform, making them stand up to the rigors of a human sleeping on/under the sheets. If your momme is too low, your sheets wear out quickly, too think and you have a rougher and hotter sleeping experience.

Be careful when buying mulberry stuffed pillows, duvets, comforters and such that actually claim to be filled with mulberry silk. Most just put a mix of different types of silk as the filling or even synthetic fibers like rayon or polyester. You can generally tell by the price, but this is not always accurate.

You're spending quite a bit of your hard earned money to make this purchase. You need to call the company and ask directly if they use fillers that are not mulberry silk. I've found that the best way is to let others do the research for you. Sites like BedSpace do a load of research before putting up list post. Sites like these have reputations to uphold. They generally get it right giving you different brands that are quality at your finger tips.

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