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Processing Technology of Low Carbon Steel

Low carbon steel annealing organization ferrite and pearlite, lower its durability and strength, ductility and durability. For that reason, it is sometimes a fantastic cold formability curling, bending, bending and other techniques of cold forming. This steel has a fantastic weldability. Low carbon dioxide is quite low hardness and bad machinability; a normalizing procedure may improve machinability.

Low carbon steel will have a larger timeliness; both quench aging trends, in addition to a propensity to strain to an era. When the quick heat in a high-temperature steel, ferritic scratching carbon, nitrogen equilibrium, it may also slow the creation of iron carbonitride was in room temperature, and so the hardness and strength of steel, the lower the ductility and durability, a phenomenon known as quench aging.

 Processing Technology of Low Carbon Steel

Low carbon steel wire rod created hardening for 2 reasons, specifically, ferrite and ferrite fine grain carbon supersaturation. The austenite grain size directly affects the grain size of ferrite, and the remaining elements in the steel and the next phase particles also impacts the creation of ferrite grains. To be able to acquire relatively large grains of ferrite demands a greater rotation temperature and slow cooling rate to acquire a huge austenite grains, also demands a minimal content of impurities from the steel, the conversion of ferrite grain pills.

This procedure can be reached by slow cooling over the whole temperature range. Building turning and cable temperature is comparatively low, comparatively quick cooling rate, therefore cutting down the decomposition of the austenite transformation temperature and shortens the time to decomposition, can be more delicate pearlite and ferrite sausage conducive cable durability and ductility progress. 

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