How to Get on the First Page of Google

How to Get on the First Page of Google

Step 1 – Research Keywords

When you have something of use to people, you'll need keywords to attract visitors to your website. Your keyword may be one word, many phrases or words. Keywords also assist in providing you better search engine rankings.

At this time you ought to brainstorm about your keywords; think of other keywords also. Have an inventory of about 30 keywords/phrases. Pick two keyword phrases that you think are searched the most. Bear in mind, the more competition you have, the harder you want to work to make it in the top 10 for search engine results. This usually means that you have to select two keyword phrases which are related to your business and aren't used near as often.

Step 2 – Web Copy

The text that you see on websites is known as web copy. Because of this, you'll need to strategically place your keywords/phrases on the web page so as to convince the search engines that your material is highly relevant. Bear in mind that your clients still should come.

  • Put keywords in headings
  • Keywords Will Need to be at the page's top
  • Bold keywords when Required
  • Do not have links that guide readers to other pages, simply reword articles with keywords.
  • Keywords Ought to Be an HTML title tag; do yourself or have Somebody Else do it

Once you're done, add fresh content that includes current descriptions and other info on your own products/services. If you can't write or don't have time, utilize article directories that could give you them. Recall… images are fine but search engines can simply read the text.

Step 3 – Spinning

When sites have links, it will drastically enhance search engine ranks. The reason for this is that robots will observe the number of connections and determine its prevalence. Be certain that the other website links are pertinent to your site content. Proceed through different sites that are relevant to you so you become guaranteed search engine positions; write letters, describing in details how their traffic could benefit from understanding your business and request they generate a link back to your site.

Today you'll need to track the positions by typing in the selected keywords. If you realize that you are lacking, make modifications to enhance search engine rankings. Always keep the website updated and increase how many links you have back to your website. Since you get better search engine rankings, you will see a rise in traffic, which should eventually turn into sales.

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