high blood pressure diet

Appropriate High Blood Pressure Diet

It is important for people with high blood pressure to take a healthy diet. The blood pressure in a person can be maintained in normal range if proper well balanced diet is taken.

The following thing are to be avoided in diet


People who suffer with high blood pressure should not drink alcohol as study had shown that high alcohol intake higher the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Alcohol can raise the blood pressure of a person directly and it can cause damage to blood vessels making blood pressure more worse.


Salt intake should be reduced if you have high blood pressure. Eating too much salt can make thing worse for a high blood pressure patient. To others it may be not have any effect. People should reduce the intake of sodium regardless of it effect as high blood pressure since too much of sodium is bad for heart.


Fats in their saturated form are harmful for heart and blood vessels. If a person has high blood pressure his/her circulatory system gets over strained and can make things more devastating.

Fruits and vegetables lower the blood pressure. High fiber content fruits and vegetables are recommended. Examples of it are apple, apricot, raisins, broccoli, carrot, peas, beans.

Blood pressure is the force applied by the blood on the walls of arteries as it passes through them.

Blood pressure is defined as pressure on walls of arteries when the blood passing through them. Blood pressure is measured by an instrument known as Sphygmomanometer. This is generally available with physician and nurse.

Omron BP785 Sphygmomanometer is a device which shows two readings. The normal blood pressure of a healthy person is 120/80mm Hg. If a person is suffering with diabetic his/her blood pressure should be below 130/90. Hypertension is the main cause of blood pressure.

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