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Must-Visit Theme and Water Parks Near Bangkok

There are so many things that you can enjoy on your trip to Thailand without spending a lot of money. Some common exciting places to visit in Thailand include floating markets, temples, palaces, shopping malls and elephant sanctuaries. Most tourists assume there are no or very less theme parks in Thailand. Well they are very wrong about it. Some of the most popular theme parks near Bangkok are:


1. Dream World

This theme park is located in the outskirts of Bangkok, in Thanyaburi district. In this park, you can enjoy different types of rides; from water rides to roller coasters, they have it all. If you are accompanied by children there are many rides that are suitable for them as well.

2. Jurassic Water Park

This is one of the newer parks and as the name suggests, its theme is dinosaurs. It is located near Bangkok and it takes almost one hour from the main city to reach the park. Rides for all ages are available. Moreover there are different types of live shows for children.

3. Safari World

This park is different from other theme parks as it is not home to rides and roller coasters. Even then you can have a fun day because children can enjoy animal shows that include dolphins, birds, orang-utan and sea lions. You can also enjoy a walk in the jungle and the marine park. In this part of the park you can also enjoy a cruise ride with your children.

Moreover, you can also avail discounts on the park tickets if you have hellfire pass Thailand tours.

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