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Best Hangover Cure – 8 Tips You Need To Know

Here are some things you can do immediately to help you to feel better;

1. Drink penalty of Water – lots and lots of water to inverse that dehydration. Bet you already figured that out. You can even search for how to get rid of a hangover fast via online sources.

2. You Can Eat Carbohydrates – Alcohol also causes a drop in blood sugar so the best foods to eat when you have a hangover are those that will boost your blood sugar. Bananas are also very useful here.

3. Don’t Drink Coffee if you are a coffee drinker as this is also a diuretic and will make stuffs worse.



4. Avoid over the Counter pain medicines like aspirin or Tylenol as they will either irritate your stomach or reason liver harm which you want to avoid.

5. "Hair of the Dog" (having another drink) is not a suitable remedy either as it only postpones your hangover and could intensify it which you certainly don't want.

6. Toast with Honey – Expert party people swear by this medicine.

7. Milk Thistle – this is a supplement that promotes liver health and can help to reverse some of the damage your alcohol consumption caused.

8. B-Complex Vitamins – Apparently hospitalized alcoholics are given B vitamins so you should take these as well. You lose these essential vitamins when consuming alcohol.

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