Personalized Gift Market History

When it comes to the personalized gift market, it is mainly a phenomenon of the U.S.  The roots of this industry go all the way back to early American history.  During this time silversmiths engraved family initials or names on one-of-a-kind jewelry, bowls and silver trays.

As the country continued to expand westward, gun and saddle makers personalized their wares occasionally.  Wood artisans made use of their talents by creating trunks that were uniquely decorated with family crests or names. The early personalized items always were made to order.  They were only available to individuals who could afford them.  At that time, it was just a small percentage of people who had the money to pay for them.

Things remained about the same until the late 1950s.  At this point, mass production started bringing pre-made personalized gifts to middle class America. All of a sudden, all the local corner drug stores had displays offering inexpensive jewelry, key chains and pencils featuring names such as Dave, Mary, Cindy, Tom, Mike and Linda. Today many of those low-ticket items are still available.  However, over the last forty or so years the personalized products industry definitely has evolved and grown.

Probably the biggest change that has moved the industry forward has been advances in technology.  Lower machinery costs means it’s possible for personalization equipment in locations that are decentralized instead of at one central processing building.  Also, personalized gifts such as Photo Puzzles that used to take weeks to get now can be created in just a few days and sometimes even minutes.  As a consequence, gifts that used to have long ordering leads time, for the busy consumer of today are nearly impulse buys.  Also, computer-driven technology has made thousands of personalized gift options available to consumers in an array of price ranges.Buying And SellingWhat kinds of businesses sell personalized gifts?  Drug store chains, retail stores, specialty boutiques, upscale department stores, numerous ecommerce sites, major catalog companies and thousands of entrepreneurs.

What kinds of personalized items do consumers buy these days?  There are so many choices that you can personalize almost anything.

Just pick a catalog up and you’ll find various items of clothing, gift for marking an anniversary, wedding or graduation, keepsake gifts for newborns, quilts, find crystal, robes for kids and adults and even furniture.  If you visit one of your local retail stores you’ll find picture frames, glasses, dinnerware, mugs, t-shirts, wall art, jewelry, fine stationary and much more.

Many sellers find thees kinds of gifts very attractive.  Retailers all agree that personalized gifts require some more effort upfront.  However, there are fewer returns in the long run.  Also, frequently these products do carry higher prices points- along with profits- which makes these gifts quite attractive.Americans Have A Love For Personalized GiftsAlthough some personalized gifts can be found in other countries, you won’t see the same broad range of products that the U.S.has to offer.  So what accounts for the thriving personalized gift market here? According to some researchers studying consumers, it’s pretty simple.  Both old and young Americans love seeing their names on products.  This makes them feel very unique and special.

Also, American consumers always are in search for products that have a different spin to them.  Purchasing personalized products can accomplish this. According to those who forecast trends, they are in agreement that the personalized gift industry isn’t going anywhere.  It will continue to see steady growth with more products being brought into the marketplace to respond to consumer demand.

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