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What Makes a Good Training Course ?

There are many different training courses and training providers covering every conceivable topic and amount of skill. Determining which courses are right for you personally and understanding why a good training course requires some thought and a little research.

Good training courses should provide learners with the skills required in the most efficient way, both in terms of time and money and should fulfill your specific training objectives. You can explore various new techniques regarding training courses at

You can find a number of key questions that will help you determine if a specific training course is right for you. Does the training course deliver the correct amount of skills and knowledge and how can this be assessed. Is this content comprehensive, consistently top quality and can it be likely to interact the learner? 

Are a number of learning techniques found in the training and is this content presented in an interesting and informative way. Does the training cater for a wide range of skills, abilities and learning styles? 

The delivery approach to the training is important, can it be an online training course, instructor-led or blended learning. What amount of interactivity and participation does it offer? 

Is the course kept absolutely updated, if case studies and exercises are used are these highly relevant to the sector or industry you operate in and are they transferable and directly applicable to people's jobs?

Can the course content be adapted or refined to provide this, how flexible is the training course both in terms of content and delivery?

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