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Web Designs and Three Usability Mistakes to Avoid

Usability is quite important for any website to provide good user experience to visitors. If the website is not usable then visitors will hardly be interested in staying on your website or purchasing anything.

Since usability is one of the most important aspects for any website, we will be looking at some of the most common mistakes and also ways to solve such problems.

3 Common Usability Mistakes and Their Solutions

Mistake #1

Small Clickable Areas

Hyperlinks serve the sole purpose of taking a person to another page or another section on the same page. Since they need to be clicked, from usability point of view custom web design in Toronto agency needs to make them in a way that it becomes easy to click such hyperlinks. In case the links are small then it becomes difficult to click them.


Solution is to simply increase the clickable area so that it becomes easier for a user to focus the mouse over such hyperlink. There are two simple techniques to increase the clickable area; by making size of link bigger than what it is now and by increasing padding present around any link.

Mistake #2

Wrong Use of Pagination

Pagination is a method used for breaking content into many different pages. This technique is utilized if any page has a lot of content. The intention is to prevent the page from loading slowly due to such large amount of textual or graphical content.

But some people use pagination for a different purpose. The idea is to improve page views on the site to help them with their advertising goals. If there are more page views then statistics related to their website views improve and they are able to ask for better price for displaying ads.

The disadvantage of such strategy is that it becomes annoying for website visitors since they have to load a new page to read a small part of the content.

Secondly, in terms of seo also it becomes a problem since there is less content on any single page so less number of keywords can be used and content on each of the pages gets diluted, thereby reducing its relevance to the topic.


If you want to improve your search ranking and retain visitors on the site then avoid pagination just for the sake of earning more ad revenue.

You may win more sales if customers coming in stay on the site and read your informative content instead of leaving after getting annoyed with your pagination strategy.

Mistake #3

Functionality Requiring Registration

There may be some great content or feature which users will be able to view after registering on the site. It is a good method but custom web design in Toronto firm will have to decide the amount of content which should be kept behind the registration wall.

If you unnecessarily lock away functionality that does not actually require someone to register then you will start losing visitor traffic from your site.


The less number of barriers are there, the greater will be the participation by users on your site. Thus you should keep only the most important aspects inside the registration shield and keep rest of the functionality open for users to use.

Additionally, as users start getting involved in your site, chances are that they will register also. 

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