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Tips For Maintaining Cable Trailer

Cable trailers are not economically priced equipment; in fact, it is quite expensive machinery that plays an important role in several construction tasks. If you want that your trailer lasts longer and that you do not have to purchase a new one after just a few months, you have to take care of its maintenance. Following are a few tips that can help you in maintaining your cable trailer:

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1. Check Air Pressure On A Regular Basis

To ensure that your cable drum trailers lasts longer check the air pressure of the tires on a regular basis. This will ensure you detect leaks in a timely manner. Moreover, it will also help in maintaining tires and ensuring that they last longer since changing tires after a few months can be very costly.

2. Check Suspension Regularly

Check the suspension of the trailer after every few weeks as it can easily get damaged especially if trailer is used on a rough terrain. Extreme temperatures can also cause heat cracks so check for those after every few weeks.

3. Brake Adjustments

Another essential thing that you should not forget to check is the brake adjustment. Check the angle mark caused by an air chamber push rod and clack adjuster. If it is not a 90 degree, then it shows that the breaks need adjustment. It is also essential to check whether enough lubrication is present until the next inspection.    

4. Regular Clean It

Professionals recommend that owners should thoroughly wash their trailer at least once a month and clean it thoroughly with a cloth at least once in a week. It helps in earlier detection of any problem. You can easily spot any jammed, damaged or rusted parts this way.

Take your trailer to professional mechanics for thorough inspection after every 6 months.

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