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Noel Wood was born in a little town called Strathalbyn in South Australia in 1912.   He was born into a family of artist and preachers and attended Art School in Adelaide. He was a dedicated painter painting mostly landscapes and a few portraits. As a Naturalist, he planted food gardens at every place he stayed. He loved the family islands and painted almost everything on Bedarra and Dunk Island.

Noel and his wife, Eleanor, found Bedarra Island as they journeyed along the Australian coast looking for an island to call their home. The couple were instantly captivated by the island’s exotic beauty and bought 15 acres of land on the island. Initially they lived in a grass shack and later set up a house they called ‘House of Singing Bamboo’. They lived on the island for 60 years and had two daughters, Virginia Maray and Ann Oenone.

Noel Wood painted every part of Bedarra Island after which he began to paint locations on Dunk and Tully. Noel also taught painting in Tully for some time. As a naturalist, Noel set up food gardens of coconut palms and other fruiting trees in every location where he stayed. Noel explored England, Italy, France, and Iceland, while earning through his portraits before returning to Bedarra Island. Noel also stayed in Hollywood as an assistant art director until he returned to Bedarra Island once again.

Eventually, in the 1990s, he left Bedarra Island for the mainland but always missed the island. He continuously moved, always planting a food gardens .Noel wood passed in 2001 but his legacy of a home for artist and nature lovers lived on as Bedarra Island, the perfect exotic tropical honeymoon destination.

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