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Back Brace After Back Surgery

When a person has a back surgery, they are not always the same right after. The truth is that the surgery has been done to help you, but this does not mean that you are not sore after the procedure is complete.

There are different back supports available. Without knowing all the options available for a patient, you can see why it is important to work with a professional in the bracing field.  If you want to buy any type of back braces then you can browse on

They are trained and educated in the field of bracing and can get you the best brace for your needs. Some orthopedic braces are meant to act as a reminder for you, while others are meant to stop flexion of the spine, while yet others will stop flexion and rotation.


Depending on the work that was done by the surgeon you can see that you will need to highly consider protecting yourself and the surgical site. – Four common types of back braces after a surgery are a corset, Aspen Quick Draw, Jewett brace and a custom TLSO.

Each has a different approach to helping support your spine. The corset brace helps to give support but usually acts as a reminder for you not to make the wrong move.

An aspen quick draw will have a similar intent. The Jewett orthosis (brace) helps prevent flexion of the spine as a customized also is an orthosis (brace) that inhibits flexion and twisting motions, helping your spine following a feeling of your own body is made.

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