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Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica is considered as the disease in which pressure is increased on the sciatic nerve which is situated in the lower back of the body. It is a curable disease and includes a conservative treatment and therapy. Sciatica starts with the pain in the back and slowly it moves to your thighs and pain gradually increases. The sciatic nerve is made up of five nerve roots from the lumbar area of the spine and is the largest nerve in the human body. Find the relief techniques of sciatica on progressivespineandsports.

Much of the diagnosis is based on the subjective complaint from the patient. Orthopedic test and other exam findings will help confirm the diagnosis. Imaging, such as MRI and x-ray films, may help find the source of the problem. One cause of sciatica is from disc herniation.

Disc herniation can occur when a spinal segment becomes so degenerated the disc is protruded outward. This outward protrusion can sometimes push out posterior and lateral to the spinal cord. When this happens pressure is applied to the spinal nerve root which can cause pain to radiate along the sciatic nerve. The spinal nerve root can also have pressure put on it from other conditions such as spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome and muscular trigger points.

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