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How To Dry Your Dog After A Bath

Depending on the breed of the dog that you have, there are three possible methods that can be used to dry clean the coat. They are cage drying method, the towel-dry method and the fluff-dry method.

The most difficult method to achieve is the fluffy-dry method. A high speed floor dryer is used in this method. This particular method is the important and crucial step in order to groom properly for certain breeds like Afghan, Poodle, Maltese and Old English Sheepdog.

The hair should be dried first and should be straightened as well, in case of fluff drying method. The warm air coming out from the dryer should be directed towards the particular portion of the coat which you wish to dry. The hair should be brushed in an upward direction with even, quick strokes until and unless the spot is dry and straight. Repeat until the entire coat is completely dry. The result of this method sometimes determines the entire appearance of a completed grooming job. Thus it is very important to perform this method in a proper way to get the best result. Areas like the ear (long-haired ears), legs and head should be given special attentions.

The next method of drying is known to be the cage or kennel drying, specially used in short coated dogs or on certain dogs whose coat does not need a fluffed or straight look. In this method, a cage dryer is mixed to the cage and the dog is placed inside the cage on a towel till he dries. You should make sure that the cage is ventilated on the sides and also on the top. Otherwise, the dog may suffer from suffocation. If the dog is big and doesn’t fit inside the cage then he should be placed on a grooming table and dried with the floor dryer.

The last method is the towel drying method, which is basically used on small breeds. This method is used on short-haired, small breeds such as Miniature Pinscher, Toy Manchester Terrier and Chihuahua. The coat is rubbed genteelly with the towel till the coat is dry. This method is not generally used, as the cage method is much faster than this and is mostly preferred by owners. If special equipment is not available in your home then you should opt for this method. Keep your dog indoors until the coat and the skin is totally dry.

Try out these three methods on your dog but keep in mind of the breed and the look. Dogs are human's best friend and to make it look good is a friends job, so clean your dog regularly and make them look good. For more dog tips, be sure to go to or visit this URL.

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