Stopped over in Singapore for a Bit

I guess I am sort of a domestic helper in singapore at this exact point in time. It is not really my idea, but it worked out that way. I was really just passing through to be honest about it. I stopped and planned on staying on a friend’s couch for a bit. However I got sort of tangled up with his Boss’ wife. I was playing guitar one day and her son sat down beside me. I was really astonished at how good of a keyboard player the child is and he wanted to learn to play the guitar. The truth is that I am sort of a semi professional level guitar player. That means that I have made a bit of money in music and at a certain level I could play professionally, to be specific I played guitar and bass in the sort of band that you would hire to do weddings and birthday parties and that sort of thing.

At any rate the lady of the house apparently has even more money than my friend’s boss. In fact it is a lot more. She is some sort of really fancy interior decorator and she owns a boutique of some sort. If I am telling the truth I find it difficult not to laugh at her, because she is Chinese and sounds as she is straight out of an English girl’s finishing school. The boy has two tutors and is probably better prepared for college than I was when I went there at an age three or four years greater than what he is now. It is in fact a big deal for him and he is very dedicated to it. Of course his grandfather is the one paying for me, but he wants me to teach him classical guitar.

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