Spiritual Warfare and the Impending End of Life

Every day the situation in the world worsens. The election of Donald Trump to the position of President of the USA was not the choice of the people but that of God, the Spirit of the Universe. It is lining up the nations to fight the last fight and only one of his dogmatism and bullying can bring it about. We are in a time of spiritual warfare and only those who have the spirit will survive it. You can find spiritual prayer resources from https://www.bridemovement.com/prayer-resources.

What am I speaking about?  This may go over the minds of nearly all subscribers that can not observe the truth.  People people stuck beneath the walls of deceit and magical accumulated by both beasts of Revelation are eternally from their conducting. After my own reincarnation, the data which paradise and hell are non existent shows just how they’re used weapons to its powerful.

The Spirit asked me to tear the wall down of churches and recreate the youthful .  This has been shown as an obstruction of confusion, urban myths, lies, and magical that’s impenetrable apart from throughout the data supplied if you ask me personally.While many will turn off and tag me any kind of’nut’ they’d be wise to see what’s currently going on in the world and the way it pops up with prophecy.

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The latter is situated on revelations of what ahead later on of these hours.  This really is achievable due to the grand plan regulating production and most of things after.When folks attained a spot of approval and emotional progress a few were rectified with religious power.  These were subsequently given guidelines about what best to continue to keep that power on a few life times.  Job 5:19-22 says that we’ve died and reincarnated at the least six times as the Spirit came along with that the time is going to soon be the past.

Meanwhile man had been awarded his mind to formulate and put up fictitious gods and religious techniques to lure the spiritual break away in his or her inheritance.  Simply the strong in soul might withstand and stand out from the police to stick to the voice that they will have within them.  This really is the point where the spiritual warfare begins.

To explain why it is so the big picture is explained for the ‘clear sighted’ to understand. The Spirit is at war with the religious institutions that have captured the spiritual people of God and that claim they are the source of spirituality. The false images, prayers, and idolatry they engage in is bringing them grief, diseases, and now the end of the earth.

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