Some Renovations and Upgrades to Make Our Home More Livable

We wanted to build a nice big concrete patio in back of our home and then have a roof put over it. However, we needed to have our leaky basement fixed first. It is an older house that is still in great shape except for the foundation. We called a masonry contractor in Nassau County NY to build our patio and to replace two of the four block foundation walls that hold up our house and make the basement. It was an interesting time having our house supported by pillars as the block walls were taken out and replaced. After the bad walls were replaced and the area around the foundation backfilled and graded, we had the patio poured.

It is nice to be able to use our basement again. It use to be just wet enough down there that you could not store a box or use it as a laundry area. We would wash clothes in the basement, but there was no folding or storage of clothes. The moisture let everything get moldy. Now the basement is dry, and all of the mold has been remedied. We now use the basement for storage, a laundry room and a gym. Our new patio was put in by the masonry contractor in Nassau County NY, and the roof was built to cover it. We have an outdoor fireplace and barbecue area and a hot tub out there too. It is a really nice space for entertaining in the summer.

The work we had done increased the value of our home, but it is improvement in how we enjoy using it that is the best. We waited years to be able to get that basement fixed and to make an outdoor living space in our back yard that we could enjoy rain or shine.

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