Some Common Uses Of Diatomaceous Earth

The Diatomaceous earth is a renewable product which we utilize in various ways. Many people still do not know about this miracle substance. It is a natural substance which can be utilized for agriculture, for filtration, as a cleaning agent and for controlling pests. The high grade or food grade form of Diatomaceous earth is safe for humans and pets. This substance is a fossilized remains created by microscopic unicellular plants called as diatoms. Below are some common uses of D.E. :

1. The agriculture department of United States has declared Diatomaceous earth safe to be used as a supplement in animal feedstuffs. It can also be used on stored organic vegetables and on grain to prevent them from insects. It is safe for human consumption as well. You can find diatomaceous earth cleanse in the market which cleanse the colon. 

2. It is a highly absorbent material; the U.S. center for disease control has given approval to it. 

3. The most common usage of diatomaceous earth is that it is utilized as a filtering agent to clean swimming pools. The amount which is used for filtration is similar to the capacity which is used to filter syrups and sugar.

4. Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent insecticide which is used to get rid from roaches and insects. Its powder form coats the insects body which results in dehydration and eventually death of the insect. People use D.E. to eliminate ants, roaches from their house or in place where food is kept.

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