Silver Jewelry Buyers Guide

Silver like gold, is one of the oldest metals used in jewelry making. Due to its capacity to be resistant to defame when worn, silver has become a emblem for purity. Today, the metal is famous for use not only in household items but also with jewelries because of its affordability and versatility.


Fine silvers are extravagant because these contain 99.9 percent of silver with the 1 percent containing other metal parts or alloy. These silver pieces customarily have a stamp of 999 to indicate the percentage of silver used in the piece.

Buying Silver

When buying jewelry pieces made of silver, it is crucial to check the markings stamped on the inside of the piece. The markings will show the percentage of silver used. Visit at:

and shop for variety of silver earrings, rings and necklaces.


Silver in its purest form is not wearable because of its softness resulting to the metal being mixed with other metals when used for jewelry. The mixing of the metal alloy strengthens the silver allowing one to wear it for an extended period without the jewelry losing its shape.


To secure that silver pieces do not tarnish, it is a must to regularly wear the pieces to prevent any oxidation. Pieces that are not worn should be placed in a cool and dry place.


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