Semenax Supplementation and PE Exercises

The following exercises work best when using Semenax supplement to boost sperm. The lungs actually have three lobes that fill with air when you take a deep breath and they expand in four directions, front, back and sides. In my acting training we would often explore how much breath we could get into our lungs for improved singing and speech. I was amazed that my training in acting coincided so much with my training in Tantric Yoga. Learning how to breathe deep not only helps your sex life, but life in general, we all can use more 02.

Place your hands in your armpits and see if you can focus on expanding your breath into your hands. You are focusing on the upper side lobes of the lungs. Do this three times. Now move your hands to the sides of your rib cage, again breath into your hands at least three times. And now place your hands just above your hips and feel your breath expand into the lower lobes of your lungs. You have just explored breathing into the lower, middle and upper sides of your lungs. Now place your hands on your collar bones, breath into the upper front area of the lungs. Repeat 3 or more times. Place your hands on the front of your rib cage, breathe into the middle. And finally place your hands on your belly, breath deep down into your belly and feel it expand as you inhale. Learn about Semenax at and that at each place you can feel and expansion on the inhale and a relaxation on the exhale. Now place your hands on your upper back, breath into the upper back quadrant of your lungs. Repeat. Place your hands on you mid—back, feel the expansion and relaxation with each breath. And place your hands on your low back as you breath deep and low. Now see if you can breathe into all three together, the lower section (sides, front and back), middle section (sides, front and back), and upper section (sides, front and back). And finally put it all together for one long deep breath-lower, middle and upper-expanding in all four directions and filling yourself with oxygen. Practice this daily and you will never find yourself out of breath during sex again. You can even practice this during lovemaking.

Many of my students find that this breathing practice in itself keeps them relaxed enough to prolong their sexual experience.

Use this breath to keep yourself relaxed and to go into full body orgasmic states. You may feel altered or in a trance state when using this breath, that is perfectly normal. I learned this technique from Joseph Kramer when I first started studying Taoist Erotic Massage. It is one my personal favorites for becoming orgasmic and moving sexual sensation throughout my entire body. There are some effects that you should be aware of as you use this breath. You may feel light headed, like you are going to pass out, or that you are in an altered state. In most cases this is perfectly alright, but if you find it uncomfortable you may want to just let go of the breath for a little while and come back to it. You may also find that your hands, face and body begin to tingle all over; this is a great sign that you are moving the sexual sensations/energy throughout the body and is the beginning of the full body orgasmic state. Another effect for you to be aware of is that your fingers may curl into your hands and it can seem like you are unable to uncurl them. Learn more at

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