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There is one area that any of us certainly don't want to visit their lead. Their cigarettes rate, up to the final senses was rising. It sits at 30% with younger ladies pushing the rates together.

This is one trend that any of us definitely wouldn't want to visit. Fortunately our statistics usually are better with males with 21% and females at 16% and that is good but it nevertheless represents nearly a million lives which is limited at best or even made extremely painful by employing cigarettes.

That is 7% of the Australian population will suffer because of cigarettes. So these are just numbers maybe they mean something to you personally and maybe they will not. It's easy to discount numbers and statistics and also pretend these don't indicate anything to us. Join Quit Smoking Hypnosis at Hypnotherapy Melbourne right now.

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But ask any relative of a smoker who may have died or any smoke enthusiast struggling to breathe or even one who spends a lot of time in doctor's surgeries when these statistics have this means, they will tell you of the fear and the pain and the loss and the anger.

None of this appears very classy. You never see French movies in which the star is delivering smooth lines in the cancer ward or maybe the beautiful woman in haute-couture which has a breathing tube in the woman throat.

Hypnosis will free you, not beating your head resistant to the wall with cold turkey or mincing your brain with pharmaceuticals or boosting your toxic load with cigarette smoking replacement.

So maybe it's time to write a new script on your life and enjoy the brand new cool, not smoking.

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