Pheromones or Clubbing

I became a big-time clubber in my 20’s and stepped it up from the apple Hooch drinking, meat-market student parties transforming into 24-hour house music raves on the weekends. I was big on using pheromones to attract women. Our tribe of hedonistic adventurers would start off on a Saturday evening and 3 or 4 after parties later would finish Monday morning—with no sleep and no food in-between. It became a religious act that whilst buzzing my tits off, to be sick on the dance floor. It became a running joke. 
We knew that androstenone pheromones would make women more attractive. Much like Doc from Back to the Future, when he slips and bashes his head on the bathroom sink to reveal the idea for the flux capacitor, I’m now hunched over my carroty celebration one night and it hits me; I’ll create the sickest party in town, with the sickest music, the sickest atmosphere. 
It would be called “Sick on the Dancefloor.” Because I was very much in the jugular vein of the London underground clubbing scene, I knew the sound people wanted to hear on a night out. The current scene was good, but they failed to keep the dirty, grimy electro sound throughout the night. I knew the atmosphere people wanted— relentless hands in the air music.  Learn more at and
Pheromones were meant for men and women
They wanted killers, not fillers. And in 2006 I launched a trial night: an after after party for all those zombified clubbers who wanted something more, when everything else had finished by midday on Sunday. So, on Mother’s Day 2006 at 2pm in the afternoon in a gay bar in the suburbs of London, I gave an ecstasy pill and a bottle of water to everyone who ghosted in with true pheromones. Learn more at 
Although only 30 or so people turned up, it had a great house party feel and everyone was bouncing off the walls by the end of it. At the next party, 80 people turned up. The next, 200. By then I had to move to bigger venues in the centre of London. The party was now being talked about on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show and eventually, the event was pulling in 2000+ people at some of London’s biggest venues. Hosting on the night, swimming in-between the sea of clubbers, checking-in on the front of house, the DJ’s, the sound engineers, the security… I’d greet the clubbers, share a joke or two, enjoy the odd kiss with a girl, then have to dash off and continue the night. I was hooking up with girls, but they weren’t the main priority, the night was. And I was there to make sure it all ran perfectly. The girls, like I mentioned at the start of this book, were simply a bonus. Whilst running my event, I attended university in the north of England to do an art and design degree, and I would travel back every month at the weekends to run the club event. After resisting any kind of monogamy up to this point (I tended to get bored very quickly) I found my first love. She was the snow-white type. And as she entered the room, little bluebirds would chirp around her. It was a sort of schmoopy-poopy love, where we skipped down the road together and held each other’s hands so tight that our knuckles went white. We couldn’t even bare sitting opposite each other in restaurants as it was too far away. So we pretty much sat on each other’s laps. Yep, we were that couple who enjoyed using natural pheromones.

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