Packages for Guided Tours of Russia

My wife and I love to travel. We have been to a lot of places over the years. This year, I would like to go somewhere that we have not considered in the past. I would like to plan a trip to Russia, and I think that it could make for an excellent vacation. There is a lot of history in Russia, and there are multiple cities that I would like to visit. I am interested in finding russia tour packages and the rates for such packages. I think that a guided tour would be best, as it would help direct us towards some of the better tourist destinations in the country.

I do not think that I know enough about the country of Russia, in order to plan this sort of trip on my own, and that is why a guided trip would be preferred. I know that I would like to tour Moscow in particular. I am sure that any tour of the country would include a trip to Moscow though. That just seems obvious to me, but maybe it is not the case. I will need to find out more information about where the trip is going to take us, and the things that we will see on the tour, before I make any sort of commitments.

I have not discussed the idea of going to Russia with my wife yet. I think that she should be receptive to the idea, but I can’t say for sure. I wanted to do a bit of research, to make sure that I thought it was going to be a good idea, before I actually brought it up in a conversation. I have a few different types of information that I need to gather about the trip, before talking to my wife.

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