Ordering the Best Treadmill for My Needs

I knew that I had to do something about my weight. Ever since my boyfriend left me for another woman, I had been blaming myself. I admit that I got a bit depressed over it, and I turned to fast food and ice cream to try and feel better about myself. The only thing that did was add about 10 pounds in a couple of months, and I was tired of feeling sad and miserable as well as out of shape now. I determined, here and now, that I was going to change, and the first way to do that was by losing the extra weight I had put on.

I don’t really live in an area that is good for walking, and I did not want to join a gym. I just was not ready to be out and about with people in that kind of setting. I decided to go online and look at treadmills. I figured if I could find one that is not too expensive, I would be able to order it and just do my workouts at home. It did not take me long to find a website that had all kinds of information about different treadmills on it.

I really liked this site because I did not know the first thing about treadmills, other than how they are basically used. I realized that getting one that folds would work out best for me, because I would not need to have it in the living room if I had company over. I also was able to find one that had the incline options that I wanted as well as more than one speed level. I was able to order the treadmill I wanted the same day I looked at them, and it took me less than five weeks to lose the extra weight I had gained. I feel so much better now, and I realize that my ex is actually the loser, not me!

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