One Smart Move Can Turn Your Financial Life Around

Without any sort of degree, I found myself struggling to make it in life. My dad always told me that people struggle when they do not have a college education. I wanted to hang out with friends and thought I knew better, though. As I grew older, I could see the painful truth of what he had tried to teach me. I decided to start out with mowing lawns and then I decided to get into landscaping. To my surprise, I was good at it. I wanted to expand my little business, so I looked for custom postcard printing companies that could print up some cheap postcards for me so that I could make myself known even better in my area. I really hoped that I was making the right decision because I had been through enough already in life.

It is a shame that I did not really hear what my dad told me early on. I heard him, but I did not really believe him. I do not understand how I got to be so stubborn, but I just did not understand how rough life is if you do not have any major skills to offer the world in return for a nice paycheck. I went out and partied and had a good time. When my friends grew tired of it and moved on to go to school or were lucky enough to get good jobs, I found myself alone and struggling at dead end jobs. I tried to make a go of it as long as I could, but when I was evicted from my apartment for non-payment of rent, I knew I needed to do something immediately.

I sent out many mailings to people in a 5 mile radius from my home. I was not sure what to expect. Within weeks, I had 10 new customers. I did not expect that many, but I am incredibly grateful that my idea worked.

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