My Sister Introduced Me to Coffee

I have never considered myself to be a coffee guru before, but that all changed when my sister made me a cup of coffee at her house about six months ago. I had never tasted coffee that tasted as rich and distinct as what she had prepared for me, and I asked her what kind it was. She told me that she ordered it from kopi luwak guru. She had the same reaction to the coffee when she tasted it at a bed and breakfast inn that she and her husband had went to for their anniversary, and she has not had another kind of coffee since.

I can understand why, because that cup of coffee spoiled me for any other kind too. When I am at a restaurant, I will still order a coffee, but it just does not compare to the Kopi Luwak coffee that I have gotten spoiled with. I always have a fresh supply at home since I drink coffee throughout the day now.

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