Masonry Contractor for Older House

I own an older house in NYC, and I just bought it recently. I thought it was a good purchase, even though it was obvious that it was going to need a good bit of work, before it really looked like a nice property again. It is rather old, and has a lot of masonry walls and such on the property. I need to hire a masonry contractor in nyc to come over to my property, and take a look at all of the brick walls and, the facade of the house as well, and try to give me an estimate for the repair, or restoration of the masonry.

I think that this is going to be a pretty expensive project, which his why I have no undertaken it yet. Instead, I have been working on other projects around the house. There have been a lot of things to focus on, and I am now getting to the point where the house is starting to look pretty good. So, it seems natural, to go ahead and start out on this project, since it is one of the last ones that is going to need to get done.

Right now, I am mostly concerned with the masonry for the walls the surround the perimeter of the property. But at the same time, the facade of the house does need some restoration work done to it in places. I really do not know even a ball park figure, as to how much this work is going to cost. That is why I want to start a dialogue with a contractor rather soon. I wonder how long this project is going to take. It seems like it would involve a good amount of work, but I do not really know what type of work is involved.

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