Masculin Pheromones

You will discover what real feminine pheromone essence is really about and how it came about. (Even most experts on this topic get this wrong a lot, so you really have to be careful who you listen to) So at the end of this module, there are some exercises to tap into your own infinite source of femininity and as a result, you will automatically bring masculine and caring men into your life and have that attraction that you desire in your life. 
So, don’t wait, learn to understand men and learn to become more feminine now with this volume of Attraction Control Monthly, and keep yourself subscribed for the advanced dating and relationship coaching available. If Men and W omen were the Same… Think about this for a minute: you’re out on a date with a nice man. You’ve been on a few dates with him before in recent weeks, and you’ve had dinner, you’ve gone to the movies, you’ve seen an art show and you’ve been to a comedy festival. And you’re out with him this one afternoon, and you don’t have much planned. So you say to him: “So what do you want to do?” And he replies: “I dunno, what do YOU want to do with natural pheromones?”  Learn more about pheromones at  and
And this is not the first time he’s said this. You’ve decided on what you’re going to do for most of your outings in the recent weeks. How does him saying this make you feel? Pretty crap, right? It would be the same for most women. It’s not only annoying – but if you dig just a tad deeper inside yourself and ask yourself “why does this bother me?”…’d get a clear answer: “because I don’t feel safe.” Here’s another scenario: imagine you and your man are having a fight. And you don’t want to fight anymore, and you’re getting really pissed off at him, so you brush him off and walk off on him and head to another room in the house. And in response to you walking off…..he does either one of two things regarding human pheromones. Learn more at
Scenario 1) he says “fine, whatever”, waves his hand and goes and turns on the TV and watches the football. Scenario 2) he gets up from his seat, walks after you and behind you as you’re walking away, and says in a calm but strong tone of voice “don’t you walk away from me….come back here!” Which scenario would you prefer? Scenario 1 or scenario 2? Which scenario actually makes you FEEL better? If you’re anything like me, you prefer the second scenario. I don’t care how much us women walk around and say “no, I don’t want your attention! I don’t need you to follow me!” Inside, we STILL want a man to take the second action.  Now, why is this?
The Traits of Masculinity Remember, the hunter developed all these masculine qualities because he had to bring home the buffalo in order to survive. So here’s a list of characteristics of the masculine energy… Physical Energy  Strong physical presence and energy, centeredness and a sense of rigidity of human pheromones.

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